most websites say stuff like "i hate the bank and i never go there." this website owns up to the fact that you have to go the bank, as well as other unpleasant facts such as urination, defecation, flatulence, cancer, etc. On this page, i will list the banks that have given me the most pleasant experience to the banks that have given me the most unpleasant experience.

  1. ally: does not cause any problems
  2. citi: "the kind bank"
  3. chase: "fatherly"
  4. american express: will not give me credit line increase
  5. wells fargo: they got caught doing illegal
  6. key: money on hold
  7. capital one: prey on the weak
  8. us bank: very rude, wish bad things upon them

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i thought i might put a couple other tips here on how to earn more money, since this is the only financial-themed page on my website (for now):

  1. keeping all of your money in a checking account? put it in a savings account and get interest. Sometimes that way when you check your balance, it will be higher than before. there is no catch
  2. some states sell scratch off lottery tickets, such as in my state here is the sampling: once every pay day, or more if you can afford, pick up $20 of tickets. you just might win big.
    1. i'll share other financial tips with you as i learn them, so don't forget to check back.

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