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XX:XX XM on 12/X/20

template to make it easy on myself

onto the blog!

11:29 PM on Central Time 12/31/20

it was fun spending new years eve with my blog readers

1:59 AM on Central Time 12/28/20

in illinois they charge you $1 to make a blog post

1:43 AM on Central Time Christmas (CTC)

merry christmas especially to other bloggers

8:00 PM Central Time on 12/18/20

classic rock word search: can you find "RUSH" and "WHO"?

9:22 PM Central Time on 12/15/20

this site is officially in illinois now.

11:09 AM on 12/13/20

lincdoln: linkedin for patriots

10:38 PM on 12/8/20

forgot what i was going to blog, it was good though. maybe 12/09

8:51:19 PM on /08 of 12/20

i accidentally badly fucked up the blog by editing in rich text mode. it removed all my bold and the blanks so i made it all bold. next i will add more blanks

12:20 AM on 12/5/20

this ones for my philosophy and politics people online. is it ethical to turn off a 48 minute drone track to listen to brookyln indie rock

yeah the droners have a bigger trust fund anyway

no i am the droner

12:38 AM on 12/4/20

"eat a morsal before the rehearsel" - restaurants' slogan

12:36 AM on 12/4/20

i look like brad pit in the mirror

10:12:11 PM on, you guessed it, 12/1/20

crazy to think that tim hecker's first album came out on the exact day between the beatle's first album coming out and today

8:33:40 on 12/1/20, in the PM

thats right i like alternative music *spits out a big wad of dip*

12/1/20 on 6:30:48 PM but updated later:

my assistant is sick so no november blog posts getting archived yet. welcome to december though. update: then i did it myself enjoy the november update for your perusing pleasure.

right back atcha right back home to the homepage