Autumnal spider

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Autumnal spider is a species of spider discovered by Zylucas Ilwirfskas in the year 2020 on the autumnal equinox.

Autumnal spider in the corner of a photographer's bathroom. Licensed under a creative commons license.


1. Description
2. Behavior
3. Mythology


The autumnal spider is a small brown spider with a darker head than the rest of its body. It has all eight legs. It was discovered on the autumnal equinox of 2020 on the ceiling of a bathroom by the discoverer Zylucas Ilwirfskas.


The autumnal spider was first discovered above a door, which it likely came in through. It prefers to live in the corner of the ceiling, though it will also spend a little bit of time on the top inch of the wall next to the ceiling. It has been observed eyeing up a bug of unknown species for dinner.

Autumnal spider (left) in a different corner of a photographer's bathroom, along with mysterious bug (right). Also licensed under a creative commons license.

The autumnal spider in the picture did not spin the webs in the picture, but it is hypothesized [by who?] that they may have made it feel right at home.


Legend has it that anyone who sees the autumnal spider on the autumnal equinox will get a girlfriend within one week.

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