Normal wasp

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Normal wasp is a species of wasp that has been known since ancient times. They even knew about it in Babylon.

A normal wasp that died of natural causes. This one got into my apartment and died before I ever saw it alive. It died next to a saucepan, providing evidence that it was looking for sauce.


1. Behavior
2. Immunities
3. Relationship with Humans


The normal wasp can be found around dumpsters in the daytime. You also see them under the part of the roof that sticks out a little bit a lot. At night time it should go to the nest, which is not like a bird's nest.

To relax, the normal wasp likes to sit inside lamps. It thinks you can't see it, but you can.

Lamp without wasp and lamp with wasp.

A normal wasp crawled into this hole in a ceiling. This extended its lifespan.


Some substances do not kill normal wasps. This means it has immunity.

simple green is one of many substances the normal wasp is immune to. copyright of the label in the picture is owned by sunshine makers, inc. but it is used with non-commercial purposes here.

Relationship with humans

The presence of wasps prevents nudity in humans, even when it is pretty hot out.

Primitive human-built deadly trap intended for wasp. It is easy to make with components you have on hand at home.

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